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Number 1 and 2 at pattern sheet C Green are accidentally swapped.


A small piece of text has been forgotten.

Step 2 can be ignored. After step 3: Pin the pocket edging to the right side of the front panel. Lay the pocket on top. Step 4 is next. 5. Fold the edging to the right side and the pocket to the inside. Place the pocket + hip part underneath and sew the pocket shut. From step 6 everything is right again.


Cut to size:
D. Armhole 28-30-32-35-37-40 x 2 cm. 

E. Neck 40-42-45-47-51-54 x 2 cm. 

For the instructions of the yokes, please look at Y1309 8-10. This also applies to the armholes.


The left side of pattern part 4 must be placed at the fabric crease. There's also a pleat at the side seam. There isn't a pleat at the mid front.


The sizes of cut to size A and B:
A. 30-32-34-37-40 x 16,5-18-19,5-21-22,5 cm. 2x 
B. 30-32-34-37-40 x 4 cm.


Pattern Y1162 can be found at sheet C Red.


Pattern Y1161 can be found at sheet B Green.


Pattern Y1166 A/B can be found at sheet A Green.


The "cut to size" sizes of Y1111:

A. Shoulder straps: 36-38-40-42-44 cm. 4x
B. Ruffle strip front panel: 140 x 3-4 cm. 2x
C. Bow: 42-44-46-48-50 x 2 cm. 2x


The fabric of dress Y1106 (from page 22) is art nr 1130/11.

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