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My Image Spring/Summer 2014
My Image Summer 2014 (Confessions of a Sewing Novice, EN)
My Image Summer 2014
(Sew Skate Read, EN)

My Image Spring/Summer 2013
My Image Summer 2013 (Fehrtrade, EN)
My Image Summer 2013
 (My Pattern My Fashion, DE)

My Image Fall/Winter 2012/2013
My Image Fall/Winter 2012/2013 (Fehrtrade, EN)
My Image Fall/Winter 2012/2013
(Sew Skate, EN)
M1252 (My Pattern My Fashion, DE)
M1254 (My Pattern My Fashion, DE)

My Image Spring/Summer
My Image Summer 2012 (Fehrtrade, EN)
M1213 (Kathy Sews, EN)
M1204 (12 Wale, EN)
M1202 (A Little Sewing, EN)

My Image Fall/Winter 2011/2012
(Fulifu näht, DE)
 (Valerie's Blog, EN)

M1163 (My Pattern My Fashion, DE)
(Fehrtrade, EN)
 (Made by Happy Hands, FR)
M1152 (Kathy Sews, EN)
(One Seam at a Time, EN)
 (Fehrtrade, EN)

M1152 (SewBaby, EN)
M1157 (SewBaby, EN)
My Image Winter 2011/2012 (Fehrtrade, EN)

My Image Spring/Summer 2011
My Image Summer 2011 (Nancy K Sews, EN)
My Image Summer 2011 (La Bobine, FR)
M1106 (Sewville, EN)
M1107 (Fehrtrade, EN)
M1113 (Toferet, EN)
M1115 (SewBaby, EN)

My Image Fall/Winter 2010/2011
My Image Winter 2010/2011 (Fehrtrade, EN)
My Image Winter 2010/2011 (Two On Two Off, EN)
M1003 (Kadiddlehopper, EN)
M1003 (Girls in the Garden, EN)
M1003/M1005 (SewBaby, EN)
M1004 (My Pattern My Fashion, DE)
M1005 (Zo-Ella, NL)
M1005 (Girls in the Garden, EN)
M1007 (Crea Blogger, NL)
M1010 (La Cubanita Cose, EN)
M1012 (Emma & Mona, NL)

Various links (EN)
Interview (SewBaby, EN)
Links Bernina (NL)
Links (NL)

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